1984, São Paulo
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represented by Giorgio Galotti

Sounds after Caspar David Friedrich is an ongoing project where the emblematic paintings by the romantic German artist are revisited and recaptured through sound recordings. By means of an intensive investigation, the specific sites and landscapes painted by Friedrich in the 19th century were relocated and visited in order to record their respective sounds with a professional sound recording equipment. The project proposes a contemplative reflection upon nature through sound and presence instead of through an image based relation. It is simultaneously a celebration of the artist Caspar David Friedrich, as well as a critique of a contemporary life-style and it image-mediated relationship with nature and the physical world.
Exhibition view | Arte Atual Festival 2016 | Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo
Caspar David Friedrich, Greifwalder Martkt, 1818
Recording in Greifswalder Markt, Sept 2015
Caspar David Friedrich, Der Mönch am Meer, 1809
Recording in the north cost in Rügen Island, Sept 2015
Caspar David Friedrich, Klosterruine Eldena, 1825
Recording in the Eldena Ruins, Sept 2015
Caspar David Friedrich, Chalk Cliffs on Rügen, 1818
Recording in the Island of Rügen, at the Chalk Cliffs, Sep 2015
View of Greifswald
recording in the View of Greifswald, September 2015