1984, São Paulo
debonis.renata {at} gmail.com

represented by Giorgio Galotti

LAMB Arts Projects, London

Private View: 19th of February 2015, 6pm
10 White Horse Street, London, W1J 7LJ

Nowadays more than half of the worldʼs population live in urban centers. Yet, this is not our habitat: we come from and belong to nature. The city life drains our soul of energy and ultimately disconnects us from our very selves. The exhibition Mapping Continents presents a selection of photographs and installations by French photographer Ruben Brulat and Brazilian artist Renata De Bonis. Common to both is their effort to distance themselves from the urban environment and find spiritual reconciliation in the wilderness. Each, with their particular set of aesthetic strategies, capture harmony through their artwork offered by a sincere contact between the human soul and raw nature.


While Brulat attempts reconciliation with nature by physically throwing himself into the wild, artist Renata de Bonis employs mind and spirit in her confrontation with it. Since a residency program in an isolated town on Iceland in 2013, she has cultivated a discrete poetic stance that perceives time from a slower and geological point of view.

De Bonis collected the rocks we notice when entering the exhibition space during an excursion she made into the English countryside. Usually used as pavement curbs, here the stones assume a poetic function as they pierce the floor and reveal themselves on the ceiling of the exhibition space directly below. The aggressive gesture of piercing a hole through the gallery floor is counteracted by the stability of the stones that unite the exhibition spaces, creating beauty in this delicate balance. In the basement, Renata presents the installation 9508 km of geographical distance (Itapevi/Binfield); two piles of soil with a speaker in each are positioned on the floor. The stack on the north side was collected at Billingbear Farm outside of London, the speakers reproducing the artists heartbeat while the south pile was gathered in Brazil and reproduces the heartbeat of Renataʼs soul mate back in Brazil. This work acts as a metaphor expressing that, despite the geographical distance between the two bodies, they are connected on a meta-physical level, showing that it is not modern communication tools that allows us to sustain long distance relationships.

Mapping Continents dissolves preconceived distinctions between nature and culture while proposing a new relationship with time distant from a reality that is restrained by urban desires. Understanding the vulnerability and meaninglessness of our species, they explore the powerful energy of the ʻvastʼ in an attempt to encounter an inner, primitive peace. To develop their art, the two artists travel around the globe to isolated territories where in the loneliness of their craft they achieve existential fullness.

Fernando Ticoulat